Call for Abstracts

Abstract structure
All abstracts should be structured as follow:
• Title
• Authors
• Affiliations
• Background
• Materials and methods
• Results and discussions
• Conclusions
• keywords

Abstract preparation
Abstracts can be submitted online only. They must be written in English using British English spelling, in Microsoft Word, Style: Normal + Justify, Font: Times New Roman, font size 12. All abstracts must contain minimum 250 and maximum 350 words (excluding title, authors and affiliations). A maximum one figure or table per abstract is allowed.

Abstract topics
• Epidemiology of fungal diseases
• Clinical mycology
• Invasive fungal infections
• Dermatomycology
• Emerging and re-emerging fungal infections
• Antifungal susceptibility testing
• Antifungal therapy
• Infection control
• Translational research and drug design
• Toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins
• Environmental mycology
• Veterinary mycology

Presentation type
You can choose the presentation type (oral or poster) during the submission process. Please note that the Scientific Committee may or may not accept your preference.

Bellow you can find the online form to submit your abstracts.

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